Pat Musker who?

The Woman Behind the Wig

When she takes off the wig, Roxy Bellows becomes Patricia
Musker—an accomplished comedic actress who has been
entertaining audiences for over 20 years. No matter what the venue
or production, Patricia consistently garners raves for her
improvisational prowess and memorable characters.

A founding member of The Improv Institute and Noble Fool Theater,
Patricia has starred in The Vikings – A Musical in Two Axe, The
Baritones, and seven incarnations of Roasting Chestnuts. She is also
an original cast member and co-author of the long running
audience interactive, Flanagan’s Wake. Fearless as a solo performer,
Patricia commands the stage in the one-woman shows, Late Nite
Catechism and Put the Nuns in Charge, in which she currently

Patricia’s signature role, Roxy Bellows, is a high-octane mix of her
gifts: quick wit, musicality, and warmth. From coast to coast,
whether entertaining at corporate meetings, award shows,
fundraisers, or private parties, Patricia as Roxy always connects with
the crowd and energizes the event. Enraptured audiences have even
coined a term for the positive post-show buzz—they say they have
been “Roxified!”

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